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Legal Notice

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. is the holder of the domain name

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. company with CIF, B20760047 and with a registered office at Juan Fermin Gilisagasti, 2 Oficina 322, Edificio PIA, Parque Empresarial Zuatzu, 20018 Donostia, informs visitors and users ("User / s") of the Internet pages or websites related to ARGAZKI PRESS SL’s products, and of its property ("websites"), of the conditions of access and use of websites applicable to Users who access or use the services, applications, tools and general content included therein ("services or contents").

This document, subject to its particularities, is accepted by Users when they access the website.

Argazki PRESS S.L., informs Users that it will do its best, given the state of technology, to obtain the best possible quality. However, ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. declines all responsibility in case of interruptions or malfunction of services or of contents offered on the internet, whatever their cause. Also ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. is not responsible for network interruptions, loss of business resulting of these interruptions, temporary power supply cuts or any other type of indirect damage caused to Users that are beyond ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.’s control.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. may suspend temporarily or permanently the services or contents to update, maintain and repair systems or for reasons of a business nature.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. is not responsible for mistakes and / or damages that arise from the incompatibility of services or contents of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. with other services/contents or software with which it is not specifically interoperable.

In any case, the configuration and capacity of the computers used by Users to browse the websites and to use the services and contents offered in them, shall be sufficient to enable the proper use of services. The user shall be responsible for the full and correct installation of contents that can be downloaded from these websites.

2. Responsibility of Users about use and contents.
Both access to websites and use of information and contents included in them, shall be the sole responsibility of the person using them.

Therefore, the use of information, images, contents and / or products offered and accessible in the websites, will be subject to the national or international law and to the principles of good faith and lawful use by Users, who will be entirely responsible for such access and proper use.

Users have to make reasonable use of services or contents, under the principle of good faith, by respecting the law, morality, public order, good habits, and by respecting the rights of third parties or ARGAZKI PRESS S.L., all according to the possibilities and purposes for which they were designed.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. assumes no responsibility, whether direct or indirect, for damages or loss of profits, arising from the misuse of services or contents by Users or third parties. The User agrees to use the services or contents as agreed with ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. beforehand, using the images obtained from services offered by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. for their contracted use.

Access to services and contents is at the sole responsibility of Users.

For under age and disable people, the use of the web pages will be at the sole responsibility of the parents or guardians, who must accompany, supervise or take appropriate precautions while browsing those websites.

As a general rule, any activity to the detriment of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. or third parties is illegal.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. will not, in any way, be responsible for the information, images, allusions or contents communicated, lodged, broadcast or displayed through the services or contents offered by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. that are beyond their control.

The use of web pages belonging to ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. for illegal or unauthorized purposes is forbidden, including but not limited: any form of violation of third parties’ right to privacy, honour, image, communication, intellectual property and personal data protection.

3. Restriction and damage claims.
Where technically possible ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. will immediately cancel or block any User accounts of web pages owned by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. when considered reasonable that such accounts display or are in any way connected to any upsetting messages or unsolicited bulk mail. This will be done when possible, at the request of the User of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.’s web pages subject to full compensation for loss and damages made against ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. and third parties.

4. Intellectual and industrial property.
The contents offered by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L., as well as the contents made available on the net via its web pages, constitute a work in the sense of intellectual property law and are protected by international laws and conventions applicable to this field.

Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, availability without prior consent from ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. is illegal and any other public exploitation of the web pages and their content and information is not authorised.

Consequently, all contents displayed on different websites and particularly the, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, trademarks, industrial designs or any other signs of industrial and commercial use are subjected to the intellectual and industrial property rights of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. or of third party owners who have duly authorized their inclusion on the different websites.

Thus, images, contents, shapes, opinions, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of the web pages, as well as the software used to operate and display these web pages, are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property laws and treaties.

Any unauthorized use is illegal and sanctioned by civil and criminal law.

Any unauthorised use of services and contents for, direct or indirect, total or partial commercial use, of any contents, images, shapes, indexes and other formal expressions that are on the web pages is illegal without prior written consent from ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.

Specifically and without having a limiting nature, tt is illegal to, reproduce, distribute, display, transmit, retransmit or broadcast in any form whatsoever, to store in hardware or software devices (i.e. disks or computer hard disks), to digitize and make available from data bases other than those owned or licensed by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. It is also illegal to, translate, adapt, modify or transform opinions , images, shapes, indices and other expressions made available to Users via services and contents, provided that they are subject to the applicable legislation in terms of intellectual, industrial or image property.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. reserves the right to restrict access to web pages, products and / or services offered, as well as the subsequent publication of opinions, observations, images or comments forwarded by Users via email.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. reserves the right to establish necessary filters, without hindering Users’ responsibilities, to avoid uploading through its web pages contents or opinions considered as, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or which in any way encourage violence or spread clear illegal or harmful contents.

Given the large number of emails received, and according to the regulations applied at the time, ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. will endeavour to establish these filters within reason, as it is nearly impossible to have full control of contents of services offered at all times.

Any technical, logical or technological resource used by a third party, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, is not authorised for each and every one of the contents, shapes, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of the web pages, or efforts carried out by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. for its operation.

Specifically, any link, hyperlink, framing or similar link that can be established towards the web pages of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L., without prior written consent from ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. is not authorised.

Any violation of the provisions of this section shall be considered a violation of the legitimate intellectual property rights of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.’s web pages and all its contents.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. will not take responsibility for any consequences for the above mentioned conduct, and will not take any responsibility for the contents, services, products, etc. of third parties that may be accessed directly or through banners, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar links from the websites of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.

5. Disclaimers and limitations of liabilities.
The information and services available through the web pages may have mistakes or typographic errors. Periodically changes will be made to the information.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L, will make changes and / or improvements to its services and contents.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L cannot guaranty that services and contents will not be interrupted or that they will be free of mistakes, or that mistakes will be corrected or that services and the server provided will be free of viruses or other damaging components. ARGAZKI PRESS S.L will do its best to avoid these types of incidents. ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. does not declare or guaranty that the use or the results of use of services or contents are correct, accurate, timely or reliable. If the User takes certain decisions or carries out certain actions based on the information contained in any of the websites, it is recommended that the information received is checked against other sources.

Users agree that ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. shall not be liable for unauthorized access or alteration of its transmissions or data, of any material or information sent or received or not sent or not received, or of any transactions made through its websites.

The User agrees that ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. is not liable for any conduct or content that does not belong to ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. It is not liable for the information, statements, or opinions expressed by other Users, or if these contents are threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive or illegal, or if there is any infringement of third party rights, including intellectual property rights.

Users also agree that ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. is not liable for any content sent, used and / or included in the services by any third party.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. does not guaranty the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness and accuracy of the services or contents provided and used for any purpose.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. shall in no event be liable for consequential or incidental damages, or damages resulting from loss of use, data or profits that would result or be related to the use of services or websites , the delay or inability to use the service, whether ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.’s responsibility is of contractual or extra-contractual origin, due to negligence, strict liability or otherwise, even if ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. was informed of the possibility of the existence of damages by private parties.

6. Indemnification.
Users agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless ARGAZKI PRESS S.L., its managers and employees, against any claims, damages, liabilities including solicitors fees, related to the use or conduct while browsing the web pages by any third party.

7. Changes of the Terms of Use.
ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. reserves the right to modify the current conditions of use at any time.

8. Communications with ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.
Any incidents regarding the functioning and quality of the service, or any other matters related to the provided service will be addressed in writing to ARGAZKI PRESS S.L., within one month from becoming aware of the incident.

We also provide the to contact us via email.

9. General.
All the rights of the websites are protected by copyright ©. All rights are reserved, therefore their content belongs exclusively to its author.

Access to these materials does not give a licence agreement to reproduce and / or distribute them without previous consent by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.

Accessing websites implies acceptance of the conditions of use.

The applicable law is Spanish.

The use of the services or contents is not authorised in jurisdictions that do not recognize the effectiveness of these terms of use.

Access to the contents of the web pages of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. does not create between Users and ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. an association, partnership or company ARGAZKI PRESS S.L, it is simply a customer-supplyer relationship.

Also, unless stated otherwise, a customer-supplier relationship is established, as except from specific situations of use, the contents or services are not free.

Nothing contained in these terms of use shall prevent ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. from complying with any administrative, judicial or legal requirements, relating to the use of the services or contents made by Users.

If you are under age ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. recommends that you inform your parents or legal guardians of your decision to browse the internet.

Even though ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. will not verify that your information is accurate, prior to any use of our services or contents, ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. recommends that you talk to your parents or legal guardians as they will be able to explain to you the Privacy Policy and you will be able to make use of all the options offered by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L.’s websites.

If you are going to register with us, talk to your parents or legal guardians so that they can get in touch with us.

Despite the legal disclaimer provisions; as parents or legal guardians, you will be responsible for the access of services or contents of ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. by your children. Therefore we recommend that children are accompanied, supervised or that appropriate precautions are taken (computer usage time, location of computer in a common area of the home etc.) when they browse the internet.

Although ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. will not perform checks on the accuracy of the data, it is recommended that the registration of the children is monitored by an adult.

If applicable, ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. will manage the requests made by parents or legal representatives, about rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition of the data of the under age children and disabled people provided that you get in touch with us to make the comments you deem necessary.

We also remind you that some browsers allow you to change your configuration so that children or others cannot access certain pages. Even so, we recommend that browsing is monitored as some websites may not be classified.

When you send personal information via our website, Argazki PRESS S.L. respects your privacy and your rights recognized by the Personal Data Protection law. That is why it is important you understand the kind of information we collect during your visit and what we do with it.

Your visit to our Website is subject to the current policy on the Treatment of Personal Data, our General Conditions and the Legal Notice about the Industrial and Intellectual Property. ARGAZKI PRESS will collect and treat the personal information provided by you on this website, as it is responsible for the personal data file. When accessing our website, you agree to the policy on the Treatment of Personal Data.

1.Collection and use of information.
By providing your personal data on the Website, you agree to the treatment and communication of personal data as mentioned in the Policy on the Treatment of Personal Data. If you prefer that ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. does not collect your personal information, please let us know.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. may use the personal information you provide in dissociated form (without personal identification) for internal purposes, as can be the development of statistics and developing marketing plans.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. may also collect, store certain non-personal information regarding the use of the Website, such as information that indicates which of our pages are the most popular ones.

We will supply your personal data to third parties, except in the manner specified in the policy regarding the Treatment of personal Data or in the notices set for each case in which your personal data is collected.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. may disclose any information, including personal data, deemed necessary to comply with legal obligations.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. does not collect personal information unless you are at least eighteen (18). If you are under age, you must not provide any personal information.

2. Cookies and Log Files.
ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. can place a "cookie" on the hard drive of your computer to recognize you as a returning user and to personalize the use of the Website by pre-selecting your language.

The cookie will be stored on the hard drive of your computer until you delete it.

You can have your browser notify you of the presence of cookies or reject them automatically.

If you reject cookies you can still use the Website, although this may involve limiting the use of some of the benefits or impede the proper functioning of the Website. (Refer to our Cookies Policy).

3. Third parties.
ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. can hire third parties to perform functions on its behalf for which they may collect your personal data, such as analyzing the information provided, host websites or provide integrated logistical services.

These third parties may have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but will not use such information for any other purpose. We will monitor our relations with third parties as required by the applicable rules on personal data protection.

4. Links.
The Website may contain links to or from other websites.

ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. is not liable for the way other websites process their personal data.

This Policy on Processing Personal Data applies only to the information collected on our Website.

We recommend you read the policies on Treatement of Personal Data of other websites that are linked to / from our Website which you may visit.

5. Security.
ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. has implemented various measures to protect the security of your personal information, both "on line" and "off line".

6. Notification of Changes.
This Policy on Personal Data may be modified by ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. at any time and will be implemented from the moment of the change.

In any case, the modified policy will be included on the website and if you are a registered user, we will send you an email informing you of the changes.

If you are a registered user and do not respond to the sent email within thirty (30) days, we will consider that you accept the new policy on the Treatment of Personal Data.

7. Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.
You have the right to exercise your right to access, rectify or cancel your data or oppose the treatment of your personal data, by requesting it in writing to ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. calle Juan fermin Gilisagasti 2 Oficina 322 Edificio PIA Parque Empresarrial de Zuaztu, 20018 Donostia. You need to enclose a copy of both sides of your ID card alongside your request which needs to be dated and signed and with a clear postal address.

8. Liable for the File.
ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. based in calle Juan Fermín Gilisagasti 2 Oficina 322 Edificio PIA Parque Empresarial de Zuatzu, 20018 Donostia will be liable for the file / files that will contain the information that you provide us with.