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Our policies

You will find below our company policies. We describe the criteria and operating rules that are the basis of our practice and are generally relevant to all the products and services we offer to our customers.

We apply these rules in our relationships with all stakeholders that interact with us during our professional activity: in all our operations, both internally and with our customers, partners, suppliers and stakeholders of all kinds.

Thus, the whole team that composes Argazki Press SL FOKU assumes these rules, with the only goal of offering products, graphic and audiovisual services of the highest quality that meet the technical, ethical and professional parameters which we believe to be appropriate.

Our Basis
The basis of our activity is the production of audiovisual contents on the Basque Country and everything related to the country, its social, political and cultural geography. We pay special attention to the reality and current affairs of the country and its people.

In our view, the economic and productive structure, its culture, social and political events and the language specific to the country, Euskara, deserve a particular interest, as well as all individuals, communities of the Basque Diaspora. We aim to collect the reality of our people in photos and other audiovisual media which we believe to be appropriate.

Individual and corporate responsibility
We accept the ethical and professional general principles and those applicable to the sector of the Audio-visual production, as well as those applicable to the journalistic and editorial sectors. We are also committed to ensuring the quality standards required by the professionals in our industry.

Editorial and content policy
The editorial part of our activity, photographers, cameramen, editors, technicians and other professionals, are ruled by the communication and journalistic responsibility and criteria required by any professional or company dealing with information. This applies to our staff and our partners when working for us. Thus, we ensure that our audiovisual contents reflect the reality, the nature, the presence or development of elements of interest that we cover, as precisely and as appropriately as possible.

In turn, FOKU, photographers and cameramen, partners or suppliers and the team of editors, produce and manage audiovisual contents and use them to with the aim of promoting the country, its activities, businesses or projects. Therefore we produce and offer audiovisual contents of a creative nature, which refer to the country's geography, cultural traditions, anthropology and aesthetic, and also linked to its villages, people and society. Our challenge is to deliver creative content services, combining new global aesthetic trends with a growing need to be defined by images issued from their social environment, with their own particularities close to their reality to meet the needs of a multitude of quality projects of any type existing around us.

This makes us responsible for the content we broadcast, but not for the misuse of third parties. In all cases, the legal responsibility of our business lies in with ARGAZKI PRESS S.L. (For more details, see our legal notice).

Accuracy, precision and veracity
We aim to document our editorial content by all available means and in the most reliable possible manner. Even when we make contents previews, such as last minute photos which are part of a wider information coverage and which may not always go through an in depth editing of the work, these give a duly contrasting information without preventing our publishers to send at a later stage the contents with added information, properly published and documented.

Our graphic and technical editors can generally guaranty that the editorial material broadcast by FOKU is totally truthful and that it can be proven in journalistic and editorial terms. Excluded are other types of work of a creative nature and stock, which have not been done for news purposes or which are not to be used to account news events. In such circumstances, the user must specifically indicate the illustrative use and no-news of the content in question.

Impartiality and independence
When processing and developing contents, our business is as impartial as possible. Thus, we avoid favouritism or cronyism towards anyone and we try to be as objective as we possibly can.

We are in control of our work from the beginning to the end, whether the order placed comes from third parties or from our own company initiative or any of our staff or external providers.

Whatever the nature of the content, our professionals take care of its publishing and management, applying the editorial and principles of common sense required by the dissemination of news contents and / or creative ones. We also make sure that in this process no one tries to influence and impose criteria of concrete or personal interest.

We always respect and preserve the integrity of persons, without prejudice to the journalistic work or to the right of information which enables to describe graphically and as accurately as possible a concrete event.

A special treatment and care will be given to all elements of personal nature that clash with the right to privacy of persons. We will endeavour to always separate any information which is not linked to the news or the object of our work. We will also give special care to the protection of the intimacy, integrity and dignity of under age children.

As to contents of a creative nature and likely to be used in commercial projects, FOKU will respect the image rights of the people that appear in the pictures, by ensuring that persons appearing in the proposed pictures cannot be recognized or by managing the image rights with those appearing in the images.

Anything that can be misused, or that is out of context, etc., will be closely monitored, specifying the prohibition and authorization of use and specific contexts.

Good practice
These policies are applicable to the whole staff team which represent our company and/or its various brands. We will apply our expertise and our rules and operating policies for the entire production process of our business, which includes the preparation, creation, transmission, publishing and content distribution. We will not allow personal opinions to become an obstacle when implementing the criteria and policies mentioned in this document and we will respect the treatment to be given to any graphic coverage regardless of its nature.

All our audiovisual contents will be accompanied by the relevant editorial documentation. The source of the actual content will always appear in the accompanying documentation on the metadata of the image. This documentation will collect the necessary information to describe and contextualize the visual content. We will specially leave out elements that do not provide any meaningful information to the purpose, particularly any vulgar expressions and adjectives or those that may cause offense.

Censorship of our contents is strictly forbidden. In no case will we censor, erase or modify our own contents, nor will we force others to carry out any such activity. Our contents may in no case be manipulated, but may be adapted for its publication by trying to maintain as much as possible the original characteristics. In the case of photographs, our customers will have to respect the proportions of the image, and will be allowed to silhouette or cut them, by making sure that this adaptation does not distort the original content or its quality.

Our allocations of user licence, both for editorial or creative projects, are regulated by our licence policies reflected in our licence agreements and comply with the regulations and standards applicable to the sector.

Photographic credits
Credits for editorial use:
“ FOKU “or “ Name Surname / DIGITALFOKU “
Any material containing 'FOKU' in the credits is entirely managed by the editorial management of ARGAZKIPRESS S.L.

This is the usual way of crediting FOKU’s own contents which are licensed for editorial use.

Apart from these two forms of normal credit, there is another series of casuistry referring to others generating materials, news creators or services or any content which does not belong to FOKU, but is of interest and may be disseminated by FOKU, due to its nature. In this case the credit instructions provided in such content will have to be followed. In any doubt, FOKU can be contacted to clarify any points on the matter.

You can also check the legal notice where you will find more information about the operation, uses and regulations and commitments regarding the functioning of as an online service. Legal notice

Credits for Creative / Stock use:
In cases where our content is used in promotional materials, advertising and all those that are not editorials, image credits will apply and will be provided at the time of purchase.