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What we offer is an image bank that offers a wide selection of creative editorial images relating to the Basque Country. FOKU also offers specialized products and services in different image formats, photography projects and video productions, gigamacro images and 360 photos. FOKU offers a professional service and visual solutions to your specific needs.


What is a creative image?

Images classed as creative, are photos relating to different facets of the Basque Country and used in corporate projects and publicity.

What is a photo classed as for editorial use?

Editorial photographs are images relating to news items, sports or social and cultural activities in the Basque Country. FOKU has a huge archive of images relating to the contemporary history of the Basque Country as well as a variety of photographic reports.

The photographic content of FOKU will give you the opportunity to illustrate information in whatever media you use, blog or news projects.

Can I use a photo classified as an editorial photo for a promotional project or for publicity purposes?

In some cases, that is possible. The FOKU team will advise you on this, to avoid any discrepancies regarding the image rights of the people appearing in the photograph. An editorial photo to be used for a promotional project or for publicity will be analised according to the photo requested and the project to be developed.

How can I look for an image?

Searching for images is easy in There are two options, the simple search and the advanced search. The simple search is done through the search barr that is on the top part of the screen. Just enter key words relating to the search.

The advanced search enables you to search by field, defining more precisely the search and making it more efficient. If you are looking for a specific photo and you know the date in which it was taken, the advanced search is the best way to find it. If you are looking for the image of a specific city, enter the name of the city in the field and all the images taken in that location will appear.

I can’t find a picture, what can I do?

The FOKU team can help you to look for a specific image or we can also propose alternatives responding to your needs. To do that use the “Contact us” Button” and send us a message telling us what you are looking for.

How can I buy an image in

You have two possibilities to buy images. You can buy a licence of use of a specific image. Once you select the image you can get the licence by clicking on the licence options that appear on the right side of the picture. You will then come to a screen in which you will be asked to confirm your purchase in order to start the purchase process.

The second option is the advanced purchase of a set of images. By making a pre-payment you will get a credit to purchase licences of use which are available in our stock image. The credit voucher does not expire and can be used as you see fit. In this option the bigger the credit voucher bought the bigger the discount you will be offered by FOKU. You can purchase a set of images from your user profile.

In both cases, payments can be made by bank transfer, card or PayPal. Card payments are secure and instant. In the case bank transfers we are required to wait for confirmation of payment before giving you access to download the image.

How can I download an image?

When the payment is made you will have access to the download page (my downloads). Once you download your first image, you will be able to download the same image several times (maximum of 15 times) from your user profile, in “my downloads” section.

How can I register on the stock image?

To create an account you need to press the “Enter” button, which is on the top right of the page. Once you reach the log in page on the stock image you can choose to “register”. When you fill in the form you will receive a message to your email account, with your user name (User name entered on the form) and the password. You will then be able to access the stock image of FOKU. You can change your password from your user profile after you log in the stock image.

How can I check my activity in FOKU?

You can see your activity via your user profile. Press the button with your name that appears on the top left of the screen after you log in. From your user profile you can see your downloads, your completed works and you can change your password, your personal information or check the list of your purchases.

What tools do I get in this stock image?

Once you become a member of the stock image, you have a series of tools available to manage the photos you wish to use in your projects. You can download a sketch of the image selected so you can test it in your project. This sketch is 450 pixels on the longest side with a 72 pop resolution. It also has a watermark.

You can also create albums with stock image photos, that you can keep so that you can find them easily when you need them. The FOKU Team can also help you searching appropriate pictures for your projects. Let us know what you are looking for we will make you a proposal


I need a specific project, how can I order it?

The FOKU team can offer you a variety of formats and visual solutions personalised for your projects and needs. We produce photos and videos of events with a quick and efficient delivery stream. We also produce corporate photographs and videos to promote your project or your company. We also offer aerial images and 360 images and gigamacro photos.

If you have a user account with us, all you need to do is send us a message using the “What do you need? Tell us” option. You can find this option in each image as well as on the main page of stock images. If you don’t have a user account you can use the “Contact us” option. This option is on the top barr on the right hand side. In both cases FOKU will get in touch with you to make you an offer.

Other services for project orders

After us sending you the images you have requested we can keep them on record on this platform. Like that you will always have them at your exclusive disposal and available to be downloaded.