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Nola egin bilaketa aurreratua

1. Define search: chose appropriate terms: Think about what you are specifically looking for, opened or abstract and chose appropriate terms.

2. Match appropriately the terms: Extend, limit or define exactly your search.
· Use spaces: Add terms in any of the fields. If you add various workds separate them with spaces. E.I: “Home red centre” or “The red house in the centre” ·

Chose one of the three tyoes of searchs:
-“Exact sentence”: Will show an answer identical to the query.
-“All words”: Will show material that contains all the words included in the query and in same same order.
-“Any word”: Will show material which conatins some of the words included in the query.

· Combining operators:
If you are trying to combine two terms or groups, you will need to chose the most appropriate operator between “an” ,“or” and “no”. I.E: “Car” and “Black” / “Car” or “Black” / “Car” no “Black”.

3. Specific date or open date: You can choose a specific date or an interval of dates.

4. Search by photographer: You can search by specific author or you can check them all.

5. Format: You can search images based on their proportions: Horizontal, Vertical and square.

6. Use of unique ID: Each content has a unique identifier. If you have the reference you can search it by reference and find the content straight away.